History of PFLAG Cincinnati

Judy Jacobs Remembers Her Time As President of PFLAG

Thinking back several years, before  we knew about Rich , I  remember seeing a  picture in the newspaper of some people attending   a support group for parents with children who are gay. I remember I didn’t want to read the article , I was in big time denial and I guess I was afraid to read it. You know , if you don’t acknowledge something, it can’t be true!

Dick and I went to a P-FLAG meeting the night after Rich came out to us. I believe this was March of ’93. I cried the entire evening, Dick shed a few tears too! In Sept. of ’94 I became president of P-FLAG and I believe this speaks volumes. I learned so much from everyone . We were not the only parents  going through  this  and the support we received helped me to get thru the next several months.  I  threw myself into volunteering and before I knew it  was asked to think about becoming president This was the fall of ’93 and I knew our daughters wedding was  coming up in May of 94  so I said maybe the next time.After much convincing, I agreed to do it  .I remember Judy Schmeling kept telling me if I needed any help, the board  would give it to me and indeed they did. I was president for two years and I must say one of the highlights of my life. The experience of being president and all the wonderful people I met , I would never trade for anything. I have so many wonderful memories of those two years, the picnics , banquets, board meetings , the convention in Indianapolis with Mel White as special speaker. In late spring of ’96 I got to present the scholarship winners at a program being held at UC  with Mel White as guest speaker.

We took on the helpline the same time I became president and back then we sometimes had several calls a day. There were callers that I would connect with, sharing my experience  and they with me .This was very gratifying to me, to know that just maybe, I made a difference  for someone.

Being president  of P-FLAG was truly an honor for me and I feel such pride knowing my two years helped to  get P-FLAG to where it is today.